Deloitte Denmark | Posted 4-05-2021

København (Agile Metoder)

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We, in the Systems Engineering department of Deloitte Consulting Denmark, are on the lookout for additional team-players to help us cope with rising client demand for our services.
The department consists of 60+ consultants (some of which works as developers) of varying experience levels. We assist our clients on the implementation of new systems as part of their digital transformation. Our clients are based in all industries with public, finance and transportation as current strongholds.
Exciting tasks await you!
To thrive as a developer in Deloitte, you should be open towards working with different aspects of development and varying tech-stacks. Our client assignments vary greatly, but still, most of the assignments can be put into one of the below three options. Common for all of them are, that we strive to work with the technologies that the client prefers.
Besides client work, consultants on all levels take part in internal tasks, such as sales activities and further development of our organisation. The distribution between them depends on your seniority, role and profile.

  • Client assignments will often have you work on the following:
    • Application development on solutions of all sizes, often in Agile settings (SAFE/Scrum). Often backend but frontend might occur as well.
    • Enabling DevOps through development of CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure-as-code.
    • Test automation on various levels (unit, integration, UI, end-to-end, data)
  • Sales activities includes:
    • Identify and act on new client needs on your current projects.
    • Join in on workshops/sales pitches as a domain specialist.
    • Contribute to proposals for new client projects.
  • Organisational development adds to our collective ability to perform well in the market. Could include:
    • Building internal capabilities through community tasks, maybe within new business areas.
    • Assist on developing internal tools to make us even better.
How do we work as developers in Deloitte?
We work side-by-side with our clients during all stages of their systems transformation, that being analysis of as-is, envisioning to-be states or implementing solutions. Technology-wise, the client assignments might bring us all the way from mainframes to serverless compute clouds and our tasks might be anything from pure advise to hands-on implementation, depending on the project and your profile.
Client projects often tend to be longer commitments of 3-12 months, meaning you will get deep into the client and industry context. Typically, we assist clients in minor teams of 3-6 people, but sometimes we assist with bigger teams of cross-disciplinary skills.
By the word ambitious is meant developers, who wish to become more than just a coding grunt. Coding is your craft and of course you are excellent at it. But you should have an appetite for more. An appetite for influencing the systems, you are contributing to, for the better. Be prepared to participate in analysis and advising as well as development. Together, we will accelerate your growth towards becoming a first class lead programmer or solution architect.
Deloitte is only as good as its people. For that reason, a number of initiatives are in place to empower you throughout your career development. Everyone is assigned a talent manager to support their career aspirations as well as hold frequent check-ins with senior coworkers on their client projects.
Also, there is a tech community with monthly meetings, where we share knowledge and investigate new topics, as well as upskill within relevant technologies and methodologies.
You have the following skills and experience
  • You have 1-5 years of experience within application development, DevOps or test automation.
  • Preferably you have a Master’s degree within Software, Engineering or similar. You should at least have a relevant Bachelors degree.
  • You are a skilled programmer with strong analytical skills and a focus on quality and detail.
  • Programming-wise, you are skilled within either Java or C#/.Net and understand at least one scripting language such as PowerShell, Python or Bash.
  • You are a good communicator and can clearly present and relate technical details in a way that is easy to understand for business people.
  • You are proficient in written and spoken English. If you do not speak Danish fluently, you have at least passed Prøve I Dansk 3 (PD3) and are able to work efficiently on a Danish-speaking project.
Bonus experience
The broader your skills and experiences, the more opportunities we have to engage you in different roles at our clients.
The following experience is not required, but it will be beneficial.
  • Experience with Cloud native development for AWS, Azure or GCP.
  • Experience with test automation, especially on unit- and integration level. UI level is also relevant.
  • Experience with DevOps tools such as Terraform, Ansible or Puppet or orchestration tools, for instance Jenkins, GitLab or Azure DevOps.
  • Frontend development experience in general. Especially frameworks like React, Vue and Angular are relevant.
Click the apply button above if you are ready to join our team. Send your application, CV and grade transcript from your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree as well as other relevant documents. We process applications and arrange interviews continually, so we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.
Please do not hesitate to contact Jakob Rahr Bork Jensen, Manager in Systems Engineering, Deloitte Consulting, at +45 29 82 53 21 if you have any questions about the position.
We look forward to connecting with you!